The mash tun is our big copper vessel into which we pour copious amounts of crushed barley. Here it is “mashed” in hot water to make it sweet for the little yeasties. Once the sweet, malty liquid is washed through there’s a lot of grain
left in the mash tun to contemplate. This contemplation
lead us into cracker development.

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Since our initial concept we have worked hard on the recipe and technique, developing a delicious cracker with a focus on texture and a restraint in flavour so as to let your Stilton or haggis shine. Moreish enough to eat like a bag of chips and wholesome enough to end up replacing your lunch once you've done so.

We sell our beer at the Whanganui market on Saturday mornings, both in the more common liquid form and the less common cracker form. In an act of perfect harmonious synergy, the exact same grain that made the beer you fill your flagon with makes the crackers that you serve with it.

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