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The Bloom Amber is an ale with depth. The hop character is the well trained host, introducing you to the deep, round, mouth-filling and toffeeish malts, just as you’re about to melt into the malty sofa you are quickly cleansed of the cloy by some delicate use of high alpha hops; reinvigorated and lured back out of that sofa by your host for another big mouthful... and on the cycle goes.

Currently, if you want the Bloom Amber experience You have to come and see us at the Whanganui market on Saturday mornings, we’ll run you through a tasting and sell you a jar to take home.

The smoke is finally clearing after the long hop wars. It is time for the Bloom Theory to climb out of the trenches with a sessionable peace offering. Don’t take this the wrong way, we love hops! But we also love malt and yeast. To create a good ale is to master a balance between all these things; not just bomb it with a hop grenade.